Quit Smoking Cigarettes Effortlessly.

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According to the American Cancer Society

 “Tobacco kills more Americans every year than AIDS, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, vehicular accidents, homicide and suicide combined.

It has been reported that
“Thousands of poisons are inhaled with every puff off a cigarette.”

Want to quit smoking without any effort? Want to stop smelling like an ashtray? Want to save hundreds of dollars on tobacco every month?
If you want to quit smoking now, without feeling like you are being deprived, we may have the answer for you.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of our own customers quit smoking cigarettes when they started Vaping.

Vaping is the inhalation of harmless vapor as a substitute for tobacco smoke. The ingredients in the vapor are food grade vegetable oil (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). PG is a harmless carrying agent that has been used in pharmaceuticals, injectable and topical formulations, beauty products and asthma inhalers for over 60 years. Food grade flavorings are mixed with the VG and PG to make the 100’s of flavors of e-juice used by Vapers. The three ingredients mixed together create a vapor that looks like smoke but has none of the poisons. Read more…