Build a Vape Tutorial

Build your own Vape!!!

Whether you are looking to get into Vaping for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran of the Vaping World, nothing is as amazing as having a Vape that speaks to you and your personality. This is why building a Vape for yourself is important!

The need to knows…

First, we should discuss batteries. While you might consider the cheapest battery on the market, you should take a moment to become familiar with a few simple basics. Batteries come in all shapes, sizes, and power levels. Some have a knob on the bottom to turn the heat up and down, like a thermostat in your house. Others have digital displays that show you battery power, resistance on your coil, number of puffs taken, and so on, like a cell phone or a car with all the bells and whistles.

Secondly, we should talk tanks. There are basically 2 types of tank designs, though you may find some more, or less, ecstatically pleasing to you. You have static air-flow designs which are excellent for a basic setup and you have variable air-flow designs which give you more, or less, vapor and flavor depending on your tastes.

Finally, we get into the chargers. There are two different designs when it comes to chargers. You have a 510 charger which screws directly where the tank goes on your battery. These are nice, but require some down-time for the vape to charge (having a backup battery can alleviate this problem). Then you have micro-USB design chargers. These are typically for batteries that have a pass through ability, which means you can vape while you are charging your device.

What do I do now?

That’s pretty simple. On the next page, we have set up easy to follow instructions for getting the whole shebang set up and running.