e-smokingallowedWhat is it? The electronic cigarette is also known as an “e-cig”, “an e-cigarette”, “a personal vaporizer”, a “PV”, a “nicotine vaporizer” and many other things. It is a device used to intake liquid nicotine in vapor form and is used by more than a million people as an alternative to cigarettes and in situations where cigarettes are not permitted.

How does the electronic cigarette work? A rechargeable battery powers a heating element called an atomizer which touches a cartridge holding e-liquid (aka nicotine liquid). The atomizer heats (steams) the liquid turning it into a vapor which is inhaled and delivers nicotine to the bloodstream.

What is in the exhaled vapor/steam? The vapor is visible and simulates smoke and most times contains a mixture of trace amounts of nicotine (also available without nicotine), flavoring (also available without flavoring) and propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. Propylene glycol is the liquid used in fog machines at shows and clubs. It is also the main component in some asthma inhalers as well as many household products. It is generally regarded as safe for consumption by the FDA. Fewer studies have been done on vegetable glycerin based formula.

Who uses this product? This product is intended for smokers and others addicted to nicotine who are looking to maintain their nicotine usage and avoid known risks to their own health and the health of those around them.

Does it contain tobacco? The name electronic cigarette is quite deceiving since the device actually contains no tobacco and nothing burns. The lack of combustion means reduced carcinogens, no smoke and no tar.

Does using the device save money over smoking regular cigarettes? The average smoker spends between $2000 and $4000 a year on cigarettes. Using electronic cigarettes can effectively cut that in half.

Is it legal to use inside? Yes, they are allowed in many establishments, however business owners’ reserve the right to ask you not to use it on their property, so please be courteous and step outside if asked.  There are states and counties that have some restrictions on vaping in public.   Pierce Counties Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes

Can I recycle used batteries, bottles or cartomizers? Yes, we will accept used bottles, dead batteries and used cartomizers at our store. Empty bottles can go in your curbside recyling. Check with your local recycling center regarding proper disposal of batteries and cartomizers if you are not able to bring them to the store.