18650 Gold IMREN 3000mah Batteries



Imren 3000mah 45A

Imren has outdone themselves again, with the newest battery on the market as of October 18th, 2016. This new gold colored Imren boasts the same 3000 mah capacity as the previous model purple Imren, but has a 45 amp pulse, and a 30 amp continuous draw. These batteries seem to be a very versatile battery, working very well in regulated devices (dual and triple use) without getting too warm, and being able to squeeze every volt possible out of the cell before having to charge again. The only possible issue with these batteries is the same as the Samsung 25r. they have such a high discharge rate for a battery, that the lifespan of the battery is expected to be lower, meaning that the battery will start to lose its charge a bit faster than other batteries when put through an extensive amount of charge cycles. These batteries are recommended to those who vape at 80 or more watts with a dual battery regulated device. Even if you are constantly on your device all day, you should be able to get through most, if not through your entire day without having to swap batteries.