Tsunami Disposable Ecigarettes


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Tsunami E-Hookahs are a new hand-held electronic cigarette that contains no tobacco and is available in a variety of flavors. Containing a lithium battery, Tsunami E-Cigs produce a tasty, flavorful vapor that you can enjoy anywhere, any time! They are also activated by inhalation so you don’t need to press a button to activate the electronic vaporizer.

This is a 12-piece display box. Tsunami E-Hookahs come with a 350 mAh battery, have 9 delicious flavors to choose from, and will produce an average of 250 puffs depending on frequency and intensity of use.

Blue Sky (blueberry) – 12 mg of nicotine
Blue Breeze (blueberry mint) – 12 mg of nicotine
Creamy Cloud (vanilla) – 12 mg of nicotine
Kiss On The Lips (strawberry kiwi) – 12 mg of nicotine
Luscious (cranberry, orange, & peach) – 12 mg of nicotine
Melony (watermelon) – 12 mg of nicotine
Menthol (high level nicotine mint) – 16 mg of nicotine
Punch (fruit punch) – 12 mg of nicotine
Tobacco (high level nicotine) – 16 mg of nicotine
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Currently working on getting all flavors back in stock. 

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