Xtar VC2 2bay charger


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The Xtar VC2 is a simple easy to use charger from Xtar who has finally made the addition to have their chargers support the charging of the standard 18650 battery used for vaping.


Input: 5v/1.0 amp

                Max charging output: .5 amp

                Cut off voltage: 4.2 volts

                Size of batteries supported: 18350, 18650, 26650 (charges more sizes but these are the only sizes of batteries that are common for vaping.

                Independent channels: charges each battery individually and gives an individual readout of each battery loaded into the bays.

                Soft start function: charges slowly at first, as to not damage the battery from large current when first loaded onto the charger

                Overheat protection

                Reverse polarity and short circuit protection

                Made of fire resistant material

                0 V activation: this charger can help revive over charged/discharged batteries

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